Message From The B.O.G



Kagumo High School is known for academic excellence and those of us who are old boys of the school are proud of that reputation. It is therefore importance for the boys to appreciate the heavy responsibility bestowed on them in continuing to improve and maintaining the expected academic excellence.

It is now five decades since I was admitted as a form one boy and still have fond memories of the academic life and extra-curricular activities we enjoyed during those days when Kenya was a colony of Britain. Indeed I still recall the day when the Queen Mother visited Nyeri in 1959. as students of kagumo we walked all the way from Gatitu (the old site and currently the location of Kagumo Teachers Training College) and we got to Nyeri town by 8am, as required by the school authorities, to parade the Queen Mother’s entourage.


Thereafter we walked back and got to school before dusk with considerable exhaustation. I also recall how we shifted from Gatitu to the current site in Kiganjo in May 1960. while the currently fields were being developed, we used to go for games in the shamba of one of the residents of this area to the western side across the main road to Kiganjo.


I also remember the floods of 1961 which washed away the Honi river bridge on the Kiganjo Nyeri road. The floods were about to overflow the Sagana bridge near Marua. At that time the Form 4 students were sitting for the Cambridge School Certificate Examinations. We were lucky because the new bridge over Sagana River of the Nyeri/Karatina road had just been completed. Otherwise the school would have been marooned without communication with Nyeri town (especially regarding delivery of the examination of examination papers and scripts), and the outside world. It will be appreciated that there were no mobile phones in those days.


There are many other experiences we went through as high school boys which I can write about but suffice it to say that am proud to have been appointed the Chairman of the Board of Governors of this School which helped shape my future.

This has come at a time of great challenges on the academic and social fronts for the boys. I am sure I speak for many out there, especially members of the BOG, when I say that we have come long way in trying to recover the academic glory of the old boys.


I wish to pass a message of encouragement to the boys because they represent the future of the society and they should face the future with determination knowing very well that future generations will hold them accountable if they fail to deliver as expected of them. Among the deliverables include, passing examination at the highest level possible, being of good character and providing excellent service to the society which has invested in their education. In this endeavour, the boys must understand that discipline and hard work, as required by the school authority, form the cornerstone to success. Those of us who have gone through the experience can confirm that if you ignore these attributes, you will do so at your own peril.


To the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school, I would like to encourage them carry on discharging their responsibilities with dedication and thoroughness so that the school can continue to achieve higher ratings.





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